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Game Publicist is a rising community of the ultimate video game fans of all time. From amateurs, noobs, to professionals we provide you with the fun you deserve. Abraham Kaboomski's assembled a team of dimension jumping maniacs and we're storming through the gates of video game worlds all the while spreading smiles with dominating force.

Who/What/Where Did We Come From?

The founder of Game Publicist (originally built this site in 2006) Abraham "Kaboomski" is an entertainer, teacher, entrepreneur, webmaster, artist, musician, philosopher, logician, lover, poet, dreamer and ambassador of goodness, love, compassion, respect, truth and caring.

"As a philosopher by night and entrepreneur by day I primarily consist of a writer, musician, artist, designer, publisher, web design / developer, photographer, social butterfly — a traveling enthusiast, content with the wind. Possessed by a yin-yang paradigm of the brilliance of technology and the beauty of nature. A lover of all things, to breath is to be content. I seek enlightenment, and I enjoy the reciprocation of fortitude.

My entire life I’ve been dreaming up ways to build an empire. The idea is to create fun projects the world will like. Then to employ people by giving them tasks they are interested in naturally. To support the community and build a better world, with resources like funding, cooperative social networking, and education. The goal is to put together a central station for the culmination of fruition — a land of fruition!"

-Founder of TEAM GPC
Abraham "Kaboomski"
(256) 333-5559

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Be sure to follow GamePublicist on YouTube & Twitch! You'll find our maps on the GPC website. We've got Game Entertainment Resources, Video Game Reviews, Tutorials, Source SDK, Hammer, Maps, Levels, Comedy, Videos, Exclusive Gamers Reviews, Beta Testing Reviews, Gmod Servers, CS:S, Counter-Strike Source, HL2, Bloons TD, Duke Nukem 3D, Breaking News, Up to date quality coverage. Before I became an entrepreneur I had a few days jobs: Radioshack, West Marine, Sunspot Natural Market, Web Development & Design, Web Hosting, SEO, Business Development, Planning, Projections, Initialization, Databases, Data Entry, Purchasing, Informations Systems Administrator, Journalism, Signage Design, Graphics, Music, Bakery, Barista, Server, Housekeeping, Banquet Setup, Hosting, Taco Bell, Pizza Delivery, Parts Purchasing Coordinator, Packaging, Shipping & Receiving, Writing Procedures, Documents, Planning, Conceptualization, Statistics, Business Research, Administration, General Production, Associate Systems Analyst, Craigslist Poster, Sales, Youtube, Video Production, Sound/Music Production, plus more listed on my resume.